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The work of art
I don´t know much about art and autor or painter, but I like see the landscapes in pictures, generally romantic landscapes. This picture are the nature beautiful . for example it´s picture is called Cotopaxi (oil on canvas), the person that made this impressive work art is Frederic Edwin Church (1826-1900). For somebody F.E. Church is the most grandiloquent and vivid American landscape painter whose greatest works inspired awe about natural wonders.
I saw for fist time this espectaculat picture was today, when looking for a work of art that I liked to write about it. I was impressed for their vastness and color scheme realism and that does. When I see I could not stop looking, because I think that the image was real not the picture, because not see the oil in first of hearing. Is very beautiful late afternoon on the fascinating combination of elements naturals, like volcano with eruption, lake, water fallen and Cliff.

I liked this wor art when I saw today, buecause is amazing, their colours are very good achieved, and works of art like this show us that the earth is beautiful and thanks to this kind of art we know what nature can be and we must take care with our whole being, as it is she who gives us life.
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Never I heve one favourite website, I don´t visit frecuentely any, but is my profile’s facebook ( the page that I more visit, because this is the website where I meet virtually with my friends, my family and other persons like past or present classmate and I enjoy.
This website I visit almost every day, but only the short time, generally in the evening or night, when I come back my house . This website is very funny because there are much and various activities like test, for example, which means your name?, what is your personality according to your star sign, etc. This exaples is just to name a few, because are many test that you can found, Games, fórums, groups groups of things that relate to people
This website I like simplely because I let me take off my boredom, my friends know I do not see often and conditions shall know who are from either the world or you happen to people I care. also is also a means of instantaneous communication via chat. is also fun because it's for sharing photos, videos, link of other website, etc.
The best thing that this site is the comunication communication allows the distance so it is a way of maintaining contact with people we want and that are far away. There aren´t anything that I don´t like of facebook, because it is only entertainment. Most of my friends are involved in this site, most of them also like to entertain like me.
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January 2 of the recent years had one of the most unforgettable holiday.
In this holidays I had the great oportunity to go to Valdivia. I went with my parents, grandparents, my brother or aunt and three cousins. Which way to enjoy this beautiful journey together with tjhe more people I love This place is fantastic and beautiful, I like by your tranquilility, armony, nature, lakes, river, mountains, green forests.
I remember this vacation in particular because it were just at the moment when I needed, I wanted rest after a very difficult year long for me and because I went to much places that are very interesting, for example, the Fuerte Niebla, this place is one my favourite because it´s contains history and one beautiful view of sea.
I went too to Rango lake, this lake is exelent for relax, because the waters are very calm and pure, and very blue.
I rememeber this day when I bath in its waters, the day are very cold and its way raining, but I enjoy it anyway. I liked swimming in this waters.
In the evening my cousins, my brother and me, we sat on the balcony of the house where we remained and conversabamso many things with a nice view of the town of Futrono.
One day in the night raining for all, time its was the storm, the wind blowing very strong, I had never seen anything so. Its was espectacular and. Everyone really enjoyed, and I laughed like never before.
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I heve very much favourite band music, but there is a one that I prefer and love, this group is Linkin Park, this great band in original from USA, Los Angeles. The style is nu metal and rap metal , but the last album (midnutes to midnigt)predominates the alternative rock. in total they are has sold over 50 million albums in all world.

The members band are:
vocalist and rythm guitar since 1999 is Chester Bennigton
drums and percussion since 1996 is Rob Bourdon
lead guitar since 1996-1998, 1999,since 2001 Brad Delson
bass guitar sice 1996 is David Farrel (phoenix)
turntables, programming and samples since 1996 is Mr. Hahn
and vocals rapping, rhythm guitar, keyboard an samples, since 1996 is Mike Shinoda.

the discography are princiopaly composed for:
Hybrid theory realesed for sale in october 24, 2000
Meteora (2003)
and minutes to midnight (2007)
Linkin park won two Grammy Awards.

I first head the band was in 2005, the watched in MTV. Since this day I like the band. My favourites songs are: leaving out all the rest, numb, in the end, new divide, Breaking the habit, Faint. What I´ve done.

I hope that linkin park will go Chile, becouse I would love to go see a concert of them would be one of the best things that could happen in my life.
This band in very special for me.
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This photography was taken in decemeber of 2008, in the region of La Serena. this photo is very important for me, becouse is a beautiful souvenier of my friends from sd actually. Thiphotography was took for my friend Juan José, that being the reason that is not the picture.
this souvenier shows thebig friendship between cherie, nataly, dominique, yanitza (the baby is the son of yani)and me. the photo was taken in the principal beach, but I not remember the name. this day was very very sunny,funny, beautiful and principaly unforgettable. I remember that we laugh much and we bathe the beach, the water was very cold, but we didn´t care, because the day was hot.
This travel was the our study tour, for the ending the secundary. the study tour was for one week, but we found it quite short in relation with the time.

I love this photo, is great, I have even printed, placed on the nightstand in my bedroom, but I found one default, this is that not see my best friend Juanjo.

I hope some day to live this control again, I miss this moments and my friends. I love them for ever and this picture too.
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Italy is the European country that I'd like to visit, taste the reason this country is that attracts me and I love their culture and the legacies of it transmitted to ours, such as language, religion, among others. In Italy I would spend the entire visit to tour the most characteristic and known worldwide for its cultural and architectural value. I also would like to know as much as possible of its cuisine and of course art and sculpture. For the above would go in the first instance to the great city of Rome, where the great colosseum and enjoy the architectural vastness, mainly as a gothic cathedral of Milan, St. Peter's Square in Rome, the pisa tower, so many more like museums and restaurants.
Italy is very interesting country in the world, because it is the birthplace of one of the major civilizations that have left their legacies in the present cultures, as well as in subsequent periods was the nation's birth great men of art and architecture knowledge. as the magnificent Leonardo Da Vinci. As for his difference with Chile are many, for example, that a country is best known for the world, as I mentioned earlier, but my country is beautiful in terms of environmental diversity.
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Misael's blog is very characteristic of him, especially his musical tastes and preferences. That is also reflected in the appearance of your blog, whose main color is black, and all text in orange letters, seeing this set is impossible to think that is very well connected with the heavy metal, which is the music heard on the blog when you enter it.
Misael add three music tracks THUNDER LORD his band can be heard to enter the blog, since it has an automatic player, also we can learn and know about his band that included the biography in the blog, which also discography we can see and the pictures of each of them, but also because they may know who are its members, through pictures and videos of gigs they have done. In total misael added six videos of them performing.
In other respects has written publications that Simon has asked us to do.
I think this blog is interesting.
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In my free time, I not doing nothing especially activity, but this time I used in my personal relax, this time is for myself, for example , sleep, listen music or think in my life. soemtimes I meet with my friends for talk or enjoy dancing.

Generally my free time is the weekend, specially the saturday, when I am in calm, without responsabilities that doing, I not organize the day, this only passes. In the morning I sleep until 10:30 am or 11:00 am sometimes, this activity is important for me, because I love and need sleep for not feel me idiot and unfriedly. This time is the unic free for do my favourite activity, sleep. During the day I rest listening the music, music the all type. In the evening I sleep too, but not always, only when the week was busy. Although I will like to meet with my friends most, because I miss them, but is impossible because we live far. The meeting are generally in the night. This nights I and my friends realize differents activities like song, dance, talk, smile, play games, etc. The saturday is the specially day, because is completely for me or any activities with my friens.
I decide to put this day for myself since 2005 when I need most organization in my activities.
Only since february I dedicate of my free time for my boyfriend.

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Missisipi tornado

Yesterday, a tornado swept though in USA, state of missisipi, this tornado killed 10 people, incluiding 3 childrens. The tornado caused, destruction in toof of buildings and flippet cars. The homes were without electricity, the tree fallen blocking roads and downed power lineas.
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The butterfly effect

This movie was writed and directed by Eric Bress with help of J.Mackie Gruber.

The principals actors are Ashton Kutcher like Evan Trenor and your friend and love Amy Smart like Kayleigh.

I saw this movie for this first time in 2004,
the years of debut in cinema.

The buterfly effect is my favouirite movie becouse is very interesting and funny, pricipaly the unpredictable and changing drama. The summery movie consist in that the principal actor who suffered severed traumas in your childhood and teenager blacks out generally, often at moment high stress. your life when as a boy was marked by unpleasant moments that were writed in a newspaper on the recomendation for a psichiatrist in Evan university stage retrieve those memories and discovers that he has important changes and broken in the lives of the friends and people he loved most.

All in this movie is important for understand it, every scene is fundamental.
I think that this movie is better that other movies because remains sensitive the vision. Causes grant expectation in the all movie, and waiting the end for understand it. the movie always have suspence, making it a hobby.
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the day of earthquake, in this moment as at 3:34 A.m, I was in my house with my family, we´re a sleep, but I awekening when started the movement, never think that this movement was a earthquake.

I did not wake up inmediately, because not feel fear, but when fell thing in my head I decided waked up, the movement was very strong that I did not can holded. I listened as the water went out of swimming pool, like that the things fell and break.

then I gone saw my parents and my brother, they was good, then I remmebered my grandparents and decided gone, they was good too.

the telephone did not had signal and I did not know of my family and friends.

the electricity not worked, therefore more notice was impossible know, the radio was the unic medio of comunication but nothing was clear.

the electricity was the big problem because delayed 12 days in work.

I thougth that my country was more ready for earthquake, and tsunamis, but not.

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The place to go with my family that are my parents, my brother, my grandparents, uncles and cousins, is im south of Chile, especially in the region de los rios and the region de los lagos, are not a places that often much, we have only been twice, but these experiences have been the most wonderful of my life, for all became famous and beautiful palces where you can relax fronm work and estudies for a few days because the nature and tranquility of these palces deliver a harmony that clears the mind of everyday life.

during the two esperiencies we´ve had im these regions, we not many activities, but simple to know and visit the place named and known, but also those that are somewhat unknown, as the banks of lakes which have true nature, where we bathe enjoying the calm waters, knowing beautiful forest, island for example chiloé, spas with hot water, walk the cities.