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The work of art
I don´t know much about art and autor or painter, but I like see the landscapes in pictures, generally romantic landscapes. This picture are the nature beautiful . for example it´s picture is called Cotopaxi (oil on canvas), the person that made this impressive work art is Frederic Edwin Church (1826-1900). For somebody F.E. Church is the most grandiloquent and vivid American landscape painter whose greatest works inspired awe about natural wonders.
I saw for fist time this espectaculat picture was today, when looking for a work of art that I liked to write about it. I was impressed for their vastness and color scheme realism and that does. When I see I could not stop looking, because I think that the image was real not the picture, because not see the oil in first of hearing. Is very beautiful late afternoon on the fascinating combination of elements naturals, like volcano with eruption, lake, water fallen and Cliff.

I liked this wor art when I saw today, buecause is amazing, their colours are very good achieved, and works of art like this show us that the earth is beautiful and thanks to this kind of art we know what nature can be and we must take care with our whole being, as it is she who gives us life.

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Cristobal Araya dijo...

Beautiful paint, it's a mixture of the elements in the earth wather, trees the volcano.

pablo corvera dijo...

I didn't know that painting. I like it so much

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