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In my free time, I not doing nothing especially activity, but this time I used in my personal relax, this time is for myself, for example , sleep, listen music or think in my life. soemtimes I meet with my friends for talk or enjoy dancing.

Generally my free time is the weekend, specially the saturday, when I am in calm, without responsabilities that doing, I not organize the day, this only passes. In the morning I sleep until 10:30 am or 11:00 am sometimes, this activity is important for me, because I love and need sleep for not feel me idiot and unfriedly. This time is the unic free for do my favourite activity, sleep. During the day I rest listening the music, music the all type. In the evening I sleep too, but not always, only when the week was busy. Although I will like to meet with my friends most, because I miss them, but is impossible because we live far. The meeting are generally in the night. This nights I and my friends realize differents activities like song, dance, talk, smile, play games, etc. The saturday is the specially day, because is completely for me or any activities with my friens.
I decide to put this day for myself since 2005 when I need most organization in my activities.
Only since february I dedicate of my free time for my boyfriend.

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Missisipi tornado

Yesterday, a tornado swept though in USA, state of missisipi, this tornado killed 10 people, incluiding 3 childrens. The tornado caused, destruction in toof of buildings and flippet cars. The homes were without electricity, the tree fallen blocking roads and downed power lineas.
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The butterfly effect

This movie was writed and directed by Eric Bress with help of J.Mackie Gruber.

The principals actors are Ashton Kutcher like Evan Trenor and your friend and love Amy Smart like Kayleigh.

I saw this movie for this first time in 2004,
the years of debut in cinema.

The buterfly effect is my favouirite movie becouse is very interesting and funny, pricipaly the unpredictable and changing drama. The summery movie consist in that the principal actor who suffered severed traumas in your childhood and teenager blacks out generally, often at moment high stress. your life when as a boy was marked by unpleasant moments that were writed in a newspaper on the recomendation for a psichiatrist in Evan university stage retrieve those memories and discovers that he has important changes and broken in the lives of the friends and people he loved most.

All in this movie is important for understand it, every scene is fundamental.
I think that this movie is better that other movies because remains sensitive the vision. Causes grant expectation in the all movie, and waiting the end for understand it. the movie always have suspence, making it a hobby.
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the day of earthquake, in this moment as at 3:34 A.m, I was in my house with my family, we´re a sleep, but I awekening when started the movement, never think that this movement was a earthquake.

I did not wake up inmediately, because not feel fear, but when fell thing in my head I decided waked up, the movement was very strong that I did not can holded. I listened as the water went out of swimming pool, like that the things fell and break.

then I gone saw my parents and my brother, they was good, then I remmebered my grandparents and decided gone, they was good too.

the telephone did not had signal and I did not know of my family and friends.

the electricity not worked, therefore more notice was impossible know, the radio was the unic medio of comunication but nothing was clear.

the electricity was the big problem because delayed 12 days in work.

I thougth that my country was more ready for earthquake, and tsunamis, but not.

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The place to go with my family that are my parents, my brother, my grandparents, uncles and cousins, is im south of Chile, especially in the region de los rios and the region de los lagos, are not a places that often much, we have only been twice, but these experiences have been the most wonderful of my life, for all became famous and beautiful palces where you can relax fronm work and estudies for a few days because the nature and tranquility of these palces deliver a harmony that clears the mind of everyday life.

during the two esperiencies we´ve had im these regions, we not many activities, but simple to know and visit the place named and known, but also those that are somewhat unknown, as the banks of lakes which have true nature, where we bathe enjoying the calm waters, knowing beautiful forest, island for example chiloé, spas with hot water, walk the cities.