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Never I heve one favourite website, I don´t visit frecuentely any, but is my profile’s facebook ( the page that I more visit, because this is the website where I meet virtually with my friends, my family and other persons like past or present classmate and I enjoy.
This website I visit almost every day, but only the short time, generally in the evening or night, when I come back my house . This website is very funny because there are much and various activities like test, for example, which means your name?, what is your personality according to your star sign, etc. This exaples is just to name a few, because are many test that you can found, Games, fórums, groups groups of things that relate to people
This website I like simplely because I let me take off my boredom, my friends know I do not see often and conditions shall know who are from either the world or you happen to people I care. also is also a means of instantaneous communication via chat. is also fun because it's for sharing photos, videos, link of other website, etc.
The best thing that this site is the comunication communication allows the distance so it is a way of maintaining contact with people we want and that are far away. There aren´t anything that I don´t like of facebook, because it is only entertainment. Most of my friends are involved in this site, most of them also like to entertain like me.

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