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January 2 of the recent years had one of the most unforgettable holiday.
In this holidays I had the great oportunity to go to Valdivia. I went with my parents, grandparents, my brother or aunt and three cousins. Which way to enjoy this beautiful journey together with tjhe more people I love This place is fantastic and beautiful, I like by your tranquilility, armony, nature, lakes, river, mountains, green forests.
I remember this vacation in particular because it were just at the moment when I needed, I wanted rest after a very difficult year long for me and because I went to much places that are very interesting, for example, the Fuerte Niebla, this place is one my favourite because it´s contains history and one beautiful view of sea.
I went too to Rango lake, this lake is exelent for relax, because the waters are very calm and pure, and very blue.
I rememeber this day when I bath in its waters, the day are very cold and its way raining, but I enjoy it anyway. I liked swimming in this waters.
In the evening my cousins, my brother and me, we sat on the balcony of the house where we remained and conversabamso many things with a nice view of the town of Futrono.
One day in the night raining for all, time its was the storm, the wind blowing very strong, I had never seen anything so. Its was espectacular and. Everyone really enjoyed, and I laughed like never before.

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