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Italy is the European country that I'd like to visit, taste the reason this country is that attracts me and I love their culture and the legacies of it transmitted to ours, such as language, religion, among others. In Italy I would spend the entire visit to tour the most characteristic and known worldwide for its cultural and architectural value. I also would like to know as much as possible of its cuisine and of course art and sculpture. For the above would go in the first instance to the great city of Rome, where the great colosseum and enjoy the architectural vastness, mainly as a gothic cathedral of Milan, St. Peter's Square in Rome, the pisa tower, so many more like museums and restaurants.
Italy is very interesting country in the world, because it is the birthplace of one of the major civilizations that have left their legacies in the present cultures, as well as in subsequent periods was the nation's birth great men of art and architecture knowledge. as the magnificent Leonardo Da Vinci. As for his difference with Chile are many, for example, that a country is best known for the world, as I mentioned earlier, but my country is beautiful in terms of environmental diversity.

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