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I heve very much favourite band music, but there is a one that I prefer and love, this group is Linkin Park, this great band in original from USA, Los Angeles. The style is nu metal and rap metal , but the last album (midnutes to midnigt)predominates the alternative rock. in total they are has sold over 50 million albums in all world.

The members band are:
vocalist and rythm guitar since 1999 is Chester Bennigton
drums and percussion since 1996 is Rob Bourdon
lead guitar since 1996-1998, 1999,since 2001 Brad Delson
bass guitar sice 1996 is David Farrel (phoenix)
turntables, programming and samples since 1996 is Mr. Hahn
and vocals rapping, rhythm guitar, keyboard an samples, since 1996 is Mike Shinoda.

the discography are princiopaly composed for:
Hybrid theory realesed for sale in october 24, 2000
Meteora (2003)
and minutes to midnight (2007)
Linkin park won two Grammy Awards.

I first head the band was in 2005, the watched in MTV. Since this day I like the band. My favourites songs are: leaving out all the rest, numb, in the end, new divide, Breaking the habit, Faint. What I´ve done.

I hope that linkin park will go Chile, becouse I would love to go see a concert of them would be one of the best things that could happen in my life.
This band in very special for me.

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Isaa! dijo...

is your favorite group! Well I don't listen this group.

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