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This photography was taken in decemeber of 2008, in the region of La Serena. this photo is very important for me, becouse is a beautiful souvenier of my friends from sd actually. Thiphotography was took for my friend Juan José, that being the reason that is not the picture.
this souvenier shows thebig friendship between cherie, nataly, dominique, yanitza (the baby is the son of yani)and me. the photo was taken in the principal beach, but I not remember the name. this day was very very sunny,funny, beautiful and principaly unforgettable. I remember that we laugh much and we bathe the beach, the water was very cold, but we didn´t care, because the day was hot.
This travel was the our study tour, for the ending the secundary. the study tour was for one week, but we found it quite short in relation with the time.

I love this photo, is great, I have even printed, placed on the nightstand in my bedroom, but I found one default, this is that not see my best friend Juanjo.

I hope some day to live this control again, I miss this moments and my friends. I love them for ever and this picture too.

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